Hello, English speaking friends

Sorry for this French only site. May be one of these days we will take time to translate it in English. For the moment, we are too busy designing and building our little plane.

I am Gerard, the "G" MAG team member. 

Every MAG team member speaks English ... more or less ...  and I am the worst one.

Anyway I may try to answer your questions, and appreciate your congratulations (Why not ?) 

Use the Contact address link on the Index (Accueil) page. 

Please note that the MAG building is not a commercial enterprise. We don't intend to sell anything. We are only doing that for fun, between good old friends. Our site purpose is for our home builder community information. Nothing more.

Please be aware that if you want to copy the MAG or some of its parts now, before we fully test it, you could as well copy a silly mistake. We already did many during the prototyping process. We are able to make some more ones.